My Beautiful Brown Skin

I haven’t always loved the skin I’m in…

When I first moved to New Zealand I was excited to arrive in my mum’s homeland and learn about the half of me that was so completely foreign and exotic. Growing up on a small tropical island called Penang (part of Malaysia) and being brown was normal, and it was my caucasian mother who stuck out like a sore thumb everywhere we went. (more…)


Her Success Is Not My Failure

I love that we are empowering our young girls and teaching them to be strong, brave, and confident. It’s so very heartening to think that my mother and her league of feminist friends fought a good fight and paved the way for a whole new generation of women, myself included, to be and do whatever we set our minds to. Gone are the days when our role as females involved being “seen and not heard” and the right to vote was not ours. (more…)