Lululemon Leggings

On a recent late night shopping trip to Chadstone mall in Melbourne I was on the hunt for a great pair of black ankle boots. Well, like many of my well intentioned shopping excursions, I got sidetracked and I never found the boots BUT what I did find totally made up for it. I discovered the perfect, most comfortable pair of athleisure tights/leggings/yoga pants – whatever you want to call them is beside the point, because what matters is the fact that they fit like a dream!



週末 Tokyo Weekends

There are moments when I get a little cocky and feel like I have explored my fair share of Tokyo city, but those moments are especially fleeting when I decide to venture out on a sunny weekend like this one. This city is vast and so jam packed full of surprises and hidden gems that it’s impossible (and inexcusable) to ever allow boredom to set in. (more…)