My Big Little Brother

On a recent trip to Melbourne to pay my brother a visit I decided to drag him along to a late night shoot at Webb Bridge.

Little did he know my plan all along was to get him in front of the camera with me for a little impromptu sibling style shoot. Of course initially there was a fair bit of protesting but he eventually caved and warmed up to the idea of moonlighting as a male model – well long enough for Adam to get a few decent shots anyway. (more…)


Turning Japanese

After four years living in Tokyo I never ever got tired of standing in the middle of Shibuya crossing and feeling the rush of people coming from every direction. It’s like nowhere else in the world and was one of my favourite places to take visitors on one of their first days in Tokyo just to throw them into the deep end and immerse them in all things Japanese. The neon signs, electronic billboards, loud music, endless foot traffic (fun fact: up to 2,500 people use the crossing at every light change) are a sight to behold and if you haven’t been yet, add it to your bucketlist.


Seoul Style

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Having flown into Seoul from NZ the previous night we decided to have a lazy sight seeing Saturday and go check out the famous Dongdaemun Design Plaza which I’d discovered had been designed by arguably the world’s most famous female architect, London based Zaha Hadid.

The pictures that kept popping up on my screen everytime I searched for info on the Design Plaza, coupled with the fact that I was feeling an odd sense of pride that this magnificent architectural masterpiece was designed by a woman (girl power and all that) had me pretty excited. Armed with our “his & hers” Canon DSLRs, we were ready to capture the architectural visual delights that previous online reviews had promised. (more…)