Why I decided Dose & Co. is the best brand for ME

First things first, after purchasing and using Dose & Co Marine collagen supplements and protein powder since late last year, I was recently invited to take up a 6-month ambassador role with them, which I was over the moon about and gladly accepted.

Now; to the part about why I first started buying Dose & Co and why I have proudly signed on to promote and endorse their brand……


Let’s talk collagen!


I first discovered the magical powers of collagen when I was living in Tokyo and noticed that Japanese women have the most incredible skin – like I’m talking glowing, age-defying type complexions. After dedicating way too much of my spare time to researching and investigating what the secret was, a Japanese friend introduced me to the world of collagen. I’d never heard of it before but she swore by it, and it was apparently one of the most popular beauty supplements for Japanese women. I wanted in!


Once I jumped down the collagen rabbit hole I learnt there are different types of collagen – types 1, 2 & 3 and they all had different benefits and also came from different sources. 

This is when I understood that not all collagens are created equal….. (more…)


My Bali Bliss – Spring Spa GIVEAWAY

Watch in fullscreen HD for the best experience


When I plan a holiday (particularly to Bali or somewhere in Thailand) I know a fair amount of my time will be spent making the most of the amazingly affordable and indulgent spa experiences on offer. It’d be rude not to right?! (more…)


My BEST Skin Ever!

My mum always used to teach me that beauty comes from within, that no amount of makeup or lotions and potions could disguise or hide an ugly heart.

Mum is living proof that a beautiful, kind, and generous heart is the best anti-ageing secret of all.

I like to think I make a conscious effort to be a good person but I know I will never reach Mother Teresa Saint status like my mum so I need a little bit of extra help achieving my full “inner glow” potential. (more…)


Nails Nails Nails!

The Japanese and Koreans are like nail art/manicure Einstein level geniuses and I was completely spoilt when it came to them catering to every nail fantasy my imagination would conjure up. Alas! My Tokyo chapter came to a tearful close at the end of January this year, and I say it was tearful partially due to the fact I am going to miss the incredible beauty/fashion/foodie experiences I became accustomed to.