Her Success Is Not My Failure

I love that we are empowering our young girls and teaching them to be strong, brave, and confident. It’s so very heartening to think that my mother and her league of feminist friends fought a good fight and paved the way for a whole new generation of women, myself included, to be and do whatever we set our minds to. Gone are the days when our role as females involved being “seen and not heard” and the right to vote was not ours. (more…)


My BEST Skin Ever!

My mum always used to teach me that beauty comes from within, that no amount of makeup or lotions and potions could disguise or hide an ugly heart.

Mum is living proof that a beautiful, kind, and generous heart is the best anti-ageing secret of all.

I like to think I make a conscious effort to be a good person but I know I will never reach Mother Teresa Saint status like my mum so I need a little bit of extra help achieving my full “inner glow” potential. (more…)


My Big Little Brother

On a recent trip to Melbourne to pay my brother a visit I decided to drag him along to a late night shoot at Webb Bridge.

Little did he know my plan all along was to get him in front of the camera with me for a little impromptu sibling style shoot. Of course initially there was a fair bit of protesting but he eventually caved and warmed up to the idea of moonlighting as a male model – well long enough for Adam to get a few decent shots anyway. (more…)