About me

            So I’ve decided not to go down the route of pretending someone else is writing this and describing myself in third person. 🙂 Not gonna lie, I thought about it because I could definitely get away with making myself sound waaaaay cooler, but if my whole intention is to be as authentic as I possible, then the bio/about page is a great place to start practicing what I preach – so here goes…..

Hey, my name is Jessie Gurunathan – Guru for short, largely due to the fact not many people could master the proper pronunciation of my Malaysian, Tamil Indian surname. When I first moved to New Zealand I was an 11 year old wide eyed half-caste kid from a little tropical island called Penang, Malaysia.

Growing up both in Malaysia and New Zealand and being a product of a multiracial marriage has come with it’s fair share of challenges but also amazing gifts as well.

Having a unique upbringing and perspective on how I see the world around me in general is definitely one of the things that as an adult I consider to be an absolute gift and privilege.

For the past four years I have spent the majority of my time living in Tokyo. For the last two years of that period my partner Adam and I have split our time between Australia and Japan, living 6 months of the year in each.

Needless to say we have become quite the experts in packing/unpacking and shifting our lives around like a couple of gypsies. It’s not always super smooth but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way for now.

I like living abroad and the adventures that ensue as a result. My passion and hunger for new adventures, new and unexplored places only ever seems to increase the more I travel and I have loved sharing a lot of my experiences on social media over the years.



In recent years in particular, I’ve shared a lot of my solo travel adventures via instagram stories and facebook and found myself often answering private messages seeking advice and information about some of the places I’d visited.

For the longest time I have been encouraged to document and share my travel experiences but up until now I haven’t really felt like my stories or life adventures were interesting enough.

But here I am typing away, doing just that and I’m still not entirely sure that outside of my nearest and dearest, anybody else will be interested! Haha!!

Regardless though, I am actually really enjoying the creative process of writing, photographing, and filming pieces of my life and documenting them for myself and others.

I will not only be sharing some of my travels but also my personal health journey whilst I navigate my way through a long term chronic illness called endometriosis as well as my life lessons and experiences coping with depression. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in this life so far, it’s that if my experiences, good or bad, can help someone else live a better more fulfilling and meaningful life it’d be silly of me not to share.

On a brighter note though I love love love all things fashion, beauty and food. So, if you decide to visit my little corner of the bloggersphere from time to time, you can expect a whole bunch of recipes, streetstyle, beauty tips and discoveries as well as occasional life musings. So welcome, stay for as little or as long as you like and enjoy!