Why I decided Dose & Co. is the best brand for ME

First things first, after purchasing and using Dose & Co Marine collagen supplements and protein powder since late last year, I was recently invited to take up a 6-month ambassador role with them, which I was over the moon about and gladly accepted.

Now; to the part about why I first started buying Dose & Co and why I have proudly signed on to promote and endorse their brand……


Let’s talk collagen!


I first discovered the magical powers of collagen when I was living in Tokyo and noticed that Japanese women have the most incredible skin – like I’m talking glowing, age-defying type complexions. After dedicating way too much of my spare time to researching and investigating what the secret was, a Japanese friend introduced me to the world of collagen. I’d never heard of it before but she swore by it, and it was apparently one of the most popular beauty supplements for Japanese women. I wanted in!


Once I jumped down the collagen rabbit hole I learnt there are different types of collagen – types 1, 2 & 3 and they all had different benefits and also came from different sources. 

This is when I understood that not all collagens are created equal…..


For example, did you know that in Japan the most popular type of collagen used is Peptide porcine collagen aka pigs collagen? When I first began my love affair with collagen I was still eating meat (I’ve been plant-based, with the occasional seafood, for 3 years now) and it didn’t bother me that the collagen came from animals but it was important to me that it was sourced ethically and as transparently as possible. I found it really difficult to get hold of any Japanese peptide collagen products that could promise that their collagen was ethically sourced from farmers who didn’t use crate farming practices. Crate farming is banned in places like the EU and NZ but Japan still hasn’t banned it and many of the pork supply chains come from farms using crate methods. I made the decision to look into marine collagen and finding a company that was committed to using ethically sourced collagen.


That’s when I tracked down an NZ company who was doing it. That was at the end of 2015 and I have been using collagen ever since. I believe in the benefits of taking a daily collagen supplement because I have experienced the benefits first hand, and I also feel the difference when I have been slack and not been consistently taking it. It works well for me as a beauty supplement. It is why I have always been comfortable recommending it to others who are looking for something to help to improve hair, skin & nail health.



When I first began taking collagen, there was only one local kiwi company really making waves and doing it well. But since then there have been several new ones that have come into the market and they are actually doing it better. Better price point and higher ratios of collagen per serve – that is a huge reason why I decided to switch to one of the newer brands.

Once again, it is all well and good when you see an influencer endorsing and promoting a product claiming it’s the best, but it’s not enough to take someone else’s word for it. Especially nowadays, it pays to do your own research. Compare different brands, read the ingredients lists – What are the ratios? What are the price points? What is the packaging like? What is their customer service like? What is their brand marketing? Does it speak to you? These are all things that are worth considering before choosing what brand you want to support and spend your hard-earned money on.


I know, I know, it’s tedious and time-consuming!


So I figured I might as well share the research I did late last year that allowed me to make an informed decision and led me to switch things up & start purchasing Dose & Co products. 


After the original kiwi collagen company I was working with told me that they no longer wanted to work with me (in not the nicest or most professional of circumstances) I decided that it was for the best, as many of their values no longer aligned with mine. In particular, around the lack of representation and diversity, as I always felt like the token BIPOC influencer whilst working with them. It gave me the opportunity to start researching some of the newer collagen brands on the market and decide which one was the best value for money.


So I got to work and chose to compare the following four big names in the New Zealand market. 


Two Islands


Dose & Co




Firstly I wanted to know where their collagen came from….


Adashiko contains “the highest quality peptide collagen from Japan” – which is actually made from porcine collagen. That means it’s pig’s collagen (from Japan) and that instantly ruled it out for me, as I no longer eat any meat apart from the occasional seafood. But; I was still curious to find out if the pig’s collagen was from an ethical source in Japan so I reached out via the customer email address they supplied on their website and asked them if they could confirm if their collagen was ethically sourced & here is what they have said…..


Hi Jessie, 
Thanks for your email. 
Our collagen is sourced from free range pigs. The collagen type we use is Porcine in our Collagen Powders and Marine in our Skincare range.
Porcine collagen is a by-product from the meat industry, following the nose to tail theory. Which meaning the entirety of the animal is used and it isn’t discarded but instead made into a product that helps us holistically from the inside out. Hydrolysed into a powder form that can be readily absorbed and utilised by the body for many different health benefits. 


Our products have specifically been formulated for ADASHIKO by Cosmetologist at the leading Collagen Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in Japan. It is a considered closed loop process. We do visit our manufacturing site and have a close rapport with our suppliers.
I hope this helps. Any further questions please just ask.


I appreciate the prompt response I got back from Adashiko however I still noticed that they did not directly answer my question about it being ETHICALLY sourced. They have said that the collagen comes from “free-range pigs” but nothing about the collagen being sourced ethically or sustainably.

Once I established Adashiko wasn’t a viable option for me I looked into seeing how Jeuneora stacks up to the newer brands –  Two Islands and Dose & Co. I focused on looking at the marine collagen products as those were the ones I am personally able to use. The first thing I learnt (which was awesome) is that every single brand states that their marine collagen is ethically sourced from France. This was great news and I loved their level of transparency around this. I actually wonder if all three of them source their marine collagen from the same supplier? 


Anyway, the other things I looked at was how much of the good stuff (the collagen) was in each serving and how many serves you get per container. I chose to compare the marine collagen products that also contained vitamin C as it’s believed that vitamin C helps to aid in the absorption of the collagen.


The following is a table of all the data I pulled from the four brands I investigated:



Product of each brand tested:


Jeneora: Renew+

Two Islands: Collagen Beauty Powder (Unflavoured)

Dose & Co: Marine Collagen Powder (Unflavoured)

Adashiko: Collagen Ultra


First thing I considered was the price point. This was where (based on the info above) I was actually really surprised by what I discovered……

Jeuneora is by far the most expensive at $129.95 but actually contains the least amount of collagen of all the brands at only 6g per serve.

The second priciest was Two Islands at $99.95 but had a much higher amount of collagen than Jeuneora at 9.9g per serve.

Dose & Co was priced at $74.90 and containing 10g per serve, it also had the highest amount of servings per container at 32 servings compared to Two Islands & Jeuneora who both have 30 serves.


I found it astounding that although Dose & Co had the lowest price point, they offer the best value by a mile.

Something to also consider here, in terms of value for money, is the fact that all three brands also offer discount codes via certain brand ambassadors/influencers working with them. None of them appears to be affiliate codes either, meaning the influencers do not make any money when their code has been used. Jeuneora used to do do this when I was working with them (I didn’t have one and was on a monthly retainer) but have apparently stopped.

Both Two Islands and Dose & Co have 15% codes – my one with Dose & Co is “JESSIEG”

Jeuneora has a 10% code


I also decided to look at what their values were around sustainability, what materials they used, and how convenient they made it for customers to recycle the used product.

I’ve spent the past 12 months looking into this side of things whilst creating my own skincare brand, that I wanted to be as sustainable as possible. I quickly realised how much extra time, thought, and money is required when investing in sustainable materials and packaging so it’s given me a new appreciation for brands who make this a priority. 


Dose & Co stands out yet again for me as they are 100% plastic-free. They are so committed to being plastic-free that this includes no plastic at all in their packaging, even shipping products in a cardboard box sealed with paper tape. The products all come in craft paper cans with a tin base. I love this because it makes it super easy to recycle EVERYTHING from start to finish with this brand. 


Two Islands switched from plastic packaging in September 2019 and relaunched using similar craft paper cans with tin bases like Dose & Co, which is brilliant. I’m not sure if they are an entirely plastic-free company though as I couldn’t find any information on the website or their social media platform that talks about this. But the fact that they switched from plastic to paper/tin packaging is a great commitment to being a more sustainable company.


Jeuenora products are all made using plastic but they do give you the option to sign up to a recycling programme through terracycle.com where you can collect all your plastic products and box them up, request a free shipping label and once you have that you can then drop the box off at your local post office and have the products sent to Terracycle to be repurposed. Although it’s great that this programme is an option I wonder how many people are actually bothering to go through the process of ensuring all the plastic products are being sent back. I also would just prefer brands to choose more sustainable materials from start to finish. This is something I have made a priority whilst developing my own brand, Two Birds Beauty. Sure it’s been way more time consuming and expensive from a manufacturing perspective but that is a cost worth incurring if it means being able to provide a more sustainable product for customers to purchase. I think this will be the way of the future as consumers become more conscious.


Lastly, and this was something that not everyone will care to look into but it was incredibly important for me, was how inclusive they were as a brand – Were they a brand that represented diversity and made a wide range of kiwi customers feel included and valued?


Out of all of them, I felt as a WOC, I personally identified with Dose & Co the most as even though they were the newest kid on the block, they work with the most culturally diverse range of influencers out of any of the brands. This isn’t necessarily something that will be important to everyone but when I returned to social media this year, after a long hiatus, I feel I have a moral and social responsibility as a BIPOC influencer to only align with brands who truly share the same values as me.



These were all deciding factors that led me to make an informed decision about what collagen brand and products would suit my needs the most. 

For me, it was a no brainer to start purchasing the Dose & Co products. The value for money is undeniable but I also liked that the packaging is all plastic-free but still feels luxe and high end.

They haven’t cut any corners to deliver a premium, high-quality product at a much more affordable price tag, making it accessible to a wider range of people.


I have also been buying and using the plant-based protein powders since the Dose & Co brand first launched last year. I loved that the ingredients list was uncomplicated and clean and I especially loved that it was sweetened with monk fruit instead of stevia, which I find leaves the most unpleasant aftertaste. Monk fruit tastes just like sugar, only it contains zero calories. Sidenote: All of Dose & Co products are sweetened with monk fruit.


I have never been able to try the Collagen Creamer products as they contain bovine collagen (ethically sourced from Germany) and because I don’t eat meat it wasn’t an option for me but I was so jealous as I have heard they are delicious and people have seen some amazing results achieved from taking it daily. I was soooo happy when Dose & Co introduced their marine collagen products towards the end of last year. The Beauty Powder and the Unflavoured marine collagen are the two products I use religiously and switch between.


The Beauty Powder is what I refer to as THE gold star beauty supplement as not only does it contain 10g of collagen but it has 1 billion CFU’s of probiotics for gut health and 1000mg of Biotin (Vitamin B7) which also helps with hair and nail growth as well as helping convert food into energy and enhance mood. I use the Beauty Powder on its own mixed with water or in smoothies. I love that both the cinnamon and citrus flavours are so subtle that they don’t overpower and can be easily mixed with anything. So it’s an AMAZING product, seriously. 

The Unflavoured Marine Collagen powder is something I love using in my hot drinks like my golden (turmeric) milk, hot cacao or chai tea. Plus I also add it into my baking and porridge. It dissolves instantly and is completely tasteless so it works brilliantly, and contains a whopping 10mg of collagen per serve and 220mg of vitamin C – which is well within the daily recommended dose amount for women – sidenote: Did you know that excess vitamin C is just excreted by the body and too much can lead to side effects such as diarrhoea, kidney stones, nutrient imbalances and even bone spurs? So be mindful of just how much vitamin C you’re having from your combined daily diet and supplements – As the above table shows, some of these brands are now including a very high dose of vitamin C, well above the daily recommended dose.


These are the products that work and perform for me and I think it all comes down to personal preference. All I encourage you to do before making a decision to purchase products from any brand is to make sure you do your homework and ensure that you are selecting a product that meets all your own personal requirements. Don’t just take your favourite influencer’s word for it or see an ad that says they have the “best product on the market” – ask questions, read ingredients lists and make sure it’s right for YOU.


What I have shared in this blog post is entirely based on my research into enabling myself to choose the best brand of collagen that meets all MY personal needs and requirements. Whatever brand you choose to buy and support, just make sure you have done your research!


These are the two products from Dose & Co that I love using.





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    This is such an interesting read. You have certainly done your research. Thank you. I’ll be switching brands to Dose n Co.

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