My BEST Skin Ever!

My mum always used to teach me that beauty comes from within, that no amount of makeup or lotions and potions could disguise or hide an ugly heart.

Mum is living proof that a beautiful, kind, and generous heart is the best anti-ageing secret of all.

I like to think I make a conscious effort to be a good person but I know I will never reach Mother Teresa Saint status like my mum so I need a little bit of extra help achieving my full “inner glow” potential.



I believe achieving real healthy glowing skin is the ultimate beauty goal that most women, including myself, are constantly striving for. Now more than ever there are so many products on the market that promise to give us our “best skin EVER” but most of these jars are full of nothing but pricey empty promises (unfortunately I speak from experience).

When I was younger I had absolutely horrible acne. I wish I could tell my younger self that no amount of Johnson’s Clean & Clear product was going to help me go from pepperoni pizza face to pimple free. My diet wasn’t great, and unbeknownst to me at the time my body was contending with an extreme excess amount of estrogen caused by my yet to be diagnosed Endometriosis. I resorted to going on a really terrible drug, which I never should have been prescribed, called Roacutane.

It did get rid of my acne but it also had a number of horrific side effects like making my entire body as dry as a desert. My tear ducts were dry, my mouth was so dry that if I attempted to smile my lips would crack and bleed and my skin became so thin from the drugs that any exposure to sunlight caused me to get severely sunburnt. So I was a teenage girl who couldn’t crack a smile, had bloodshot red eyes, and avoided the sun at all costs – basically I was an extra out of Twilight. Did I mention I also had to wear a back brace due to a stress fracture and slipped discs in my lower back? Yup, I’m not even making this up! haha It’s fair to say I don’t look back on my high school years with as much fondness as some of you probably do.

It wasn’t until I turned thirty that I began actually taking my skin needs seriously and wanted to attempt a proper beauty routine like a real grown up (still working on the grown up person part FYI)

NOT SO FUN FACT: Did you know our bodies stop producing collagen in our mid twenties? By thirty our collagen supplies begin to actually drop off and by the time we reach our forties we’ve lost 10-20% of our collagen. WTAF right?!!! Well I didn’t know until I began looking into my skincare needs! Collagen is basically our fountain of youth so to speak. We’re born with an abundant supply of the stuff  – hence why babies skin looks all deliciously plump, firm, and rosy and why unfortunately, as we age and our precious collagen supply begins to deplete our skin begins to sag, wrinkle, and become lackluster.

I refused to accept that my thirties (which happen to be my best years yet) came with an invitation to drain my collagen supply. Thus my quest for holistic anti-ageing solutions and products began, and let me tell you it was a little overwhelming pouring through so much different information that at times could often be quite contradictory and confusing.

I began to gravitate towards the Eastern approach to anti ageing, as they tend to be a lot more holistic and pay just as much attention, if not more, to their internal well being as much as the external appearance. When I lived in Tokyo I was constantly shocked when women would reveal their age to me and it would be much older than they appeared. I swear every woman in Japan looks incredible for their age and I definitely wanted ALL of their beauty secrets stat! One of the biggest beauty/wellness trends I discovered that’s been around for years in Japan is collagen supplements.

There are collagen supplements galore over there and this stuff is in everything from topical creams to powders, tablets, and prepackaged drinks. Beauty tourism is huge in Japan and I would often see tourists from countries like China, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia come into beauty department stores and pharmacies in droves just to purchase collagen products and fill their suitcases to the brim with them.

I wanted in! But what I struggled to find was a product that was fully transparent in terms of how, where, and what their products were made from. It also didn’t help that everything was written in Japanese so it was hard to get an exact translation. I gave up looking after a while and it wasn’t until I was living in Melbourne last year that I stumbled upon a collagen supplement product that actually happened to be NZ made.

That was in July last year and I can honestly say this stuff is hands down my favourite find for so many reasons. I’m not going to get all sciencey on you and start spouting off a whole bunch of nerdy facts about Ora Pure mainly because I totally flunked science at school. Plus if you are a stickler for scientific facts the Ora Pure website has a page “Why choose Ora Pure” which lists everything you smart cookies will need to know.

But this is what I want you to know about why I’m personally, hand on my heart, endorsing this product and why I’m excited to share it with you all.



The Renew+ works for me and not just in regards to helping me combat the signs of ageing, which admittedly was all I cared about when I initially began taking the product last year. The first thing I noticed was how I started to have a better night’s sleep, then came my nails!

After years of indulging in regular infamous Japanese nail art sessions my nails were pretty brittle and weak, but after a couple of months on Renew+ my nail lady made a comment about how nice and strong my nail beds had become and asked if I was taking anything.

Next was when I was at the hair salon I used to visit while back in Tokyo last year, my regular hairdresser said that my hair seemed thicker and healthier. This was major for me as we had worked really hard to try and revive my badly damaged hair (I’d previously bleached the shit out of it for two years dyeing it every colour in the rainbow) and it was so unbelievably split and constantly breaking. I was left with no choice but to keep cutting inches off it practically every month but after several months of religiously using Renew+my hair has only needed a trim every few months and I often get complimented on how thick and lush my locks look.

I’m convinced it’s the Ora Pure products I’ve been taking as I haven’t added anything else into my supplement ritual or made any drastic changes in my diet. I actually don’t even know where to start in terms of how much my skin has improved but the most drastic change I have seen in my face is the lines that were getting harsher around the sides of my mouth (known as marionette lines) this was something I was becoming increasingly self conscious about, and I was seriously considering trying cosmetic fillers.

But I’m so glad I waited long enough to see the full effect Renew+ has had on my lines! They are still there, but have completely softened and no longer look so deep set and harsh. Overall my skin just looks and feels better plus I very rarely feel the need to wear makeup when I leave the house like I used to. My skin is clearer and my little areas of pigmentation I had have even decreased. I celebrated my 34th birthday last month and I can truly say I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin.

I know a huge reason why is my whole approach to growing older and how I choose to love and take care of myself now is a lot more holistic and nurturing. Ora Pure products align so perfectly with the conscious way I choose to live my life and I’m so grateful to have found a product I can trust. Being kinder to myself both physically and emotionally has meant that when I’m in the bathroom and see my reflection looking back at me, I like the me I see, it only took thirty plus years, but I think I finally got my inner glow. 



After becoming a consumer and major fan of the products I connected with the lovely ladies behind Ora Pure and they have been kind enough to give me a discount code for anyone who would like to try the products and discover the many benefits for themselves. Simply click on this link add the items you wish to purchase to your cart, and at checkout type in JESSIEG when you’re asked for a discount code. So go on, get your GLOW on guuuuurl!