Me & BFG – Long Weekend

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Hate a long weekend – said no one EVER.

Three day weekends are the best. Period. It’s the perfect amount of time for a spontaneous getaway somewhere that allows you to escape the stress of everyday life.

My favourite person to travel with is my partner Adam, aka the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) and we’ve been lucky enough to travel a fair amount as a couple over the past 6 years. The longest we’ve travelled together in one long stint is 9 weeks which was amazing, but also had its fair share of challenges travelling between several different countries and climates.

But a long weekend getaway is short & sweet – short enough that you don’t have to plan or pack much and sweet because it’s long enough to feel like you’ve had time to relax and reset.

Some of the most fun adventures the BFG and I have been on have been the last minute unplanned weekend escapes, and this most recent one ticked all our boxes.

After living abroad for four years it’s been really incredible being able to explore our own backyard again, and revisit parts of New Zealand we’ve not been to for ages.

Taupo was somewhere I visited a lot when I was younger but it’s not a place I have stopped and stayed in for well over a decade and I honestly forgot how stunning it is.

It was Queen’s Birthday weekend and at the very last minute the BFG and I decided to join some friends at their bach right by Lake Taupo.

After living in a city like Tokyo for so long you begin to crave the wide open green spaces that New Zealand is famous for. I definitely took it for granted when I was younger but on this recent road-trip I felt like a wide eyed child seeing everything for the first time. We were completely spoilt by the weather gods so the scenery was breathtaking, like something out of a tourism New Zealand ad campaign.

I get why so many tourists flock to our shores every year now. We really are so very lucky to call this country home and I hope to explore more of it with my BFG over the next few weeks.

I hope this video we made shows you that a weekend getaway doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Sometimes just packing an overnight bag, hopping in the car, and just driving in whatever direction you fancy can end up becoming the most serendipitous adventure.

There is something magic about going with the flow and letting the journey unfold unexpectedly. When time is your friend and you’ve got a full tank of gas there can be nothing better than turning up your favourite song on the car stereo, singing at the top of your lungs, and just seeing where the road takes you. It’s what us Kiwis do best and it’s the perfect formula for creating awesome memories.

I feel so grateful to be able to call New Zealand home and I cannot wait for the next Jess & Thomo tiki tour…… Next kiwi adventure TBC 😉




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