South Melbourne Markets


Nobody does markets like Melbourne, and this little piggy right here loves to go to market!

In 2016 I was lucky enough to live in Melbourne for 5 months and one of the absolute best parts of getting to call Melbourne home was being spoilt for choice when it comes to markets. There are noodle markets, winter markets, craft markets, farmers markets, design markets, finders keepers market, and even the batman market!….. Seriously, I think I spent a considerable chunk of my time in Melbourne doing what I fondly refer to as “market hopping” and I’m not even sorry about it.



My all time favourite market for a mid week visit has got to be the South Melbourne Markets, and on a recent trip back to Melbourne it just so happens that my brother Ra started working for a new company whose office space is literally around the corner. Wednesday rolled around and we decided to do a lunch date at the market foodcourt. Afterwards I wandered around my familiar old happy spot taking it all in, wishing I could bottle up the vibe and atmosphere, and take it with me everywhere. But of course I can’t and that is part of what makes it so special!



There are loads of markets like this I’ve visited on my travels and some of them have been wonderful, but none of them have a piece of my foodie heart quite like this one. I think a huge part of what makes it special are the characters that work there and how passionate they are about what they are creating, growing, and selling. It’s a contagious energy that you can’t resist catching off the market grower on the corner, who always lets me sample his fruit & veg before buying. In this instance, cutting off a slice of inseason organic apple and telling me the story of how and where it was grown. Then there’s my favourite butcher shop guy, who to my surprise actually remembered me, and began reminiscing about how useless I was at knowing how to choose good cuts of red meat (I grew up pretty much a vego in my defence) and then would have to school me on how to go about cooking them.



There are so many unique individuals who collectively become the heart and soul of the place, and when you stop for a minute, look around, and take it all in, you realise it’s the sense of community that makes it magic. Visiting the place, interacting with the different artisans, craftsmen, growers, baristas, brewers etc. gives you a special insight and respect for where and how things are made and produced. You don’t get that type of experience in a modern day shopping centre or grocery store, but here you’re able to consciously connect as a consumer and truly understand and appreciate the amount of love and care that goes into producing a product that they are proud to provide you with.



If you’re ever in Melbourne and a bit short on time, but still want to experience something that perfectly captures the eclectic and vibrant culture that puts this city on the map, then go check this place out. If you do decide to go, have a cronut for me from the delicious bakery at the bottom of the carpark staircase… you’re welcome! 🙂