Turning Japanese

After four years living in Tokyo I never ever got tired of standing in the middle of Shibuya crossing and feeling the rush of people coming from every direction. It’s like nowhere else in the world and was one of my favourite places to take visitors on one of their first days in Tokyo just to throw them into the deep end and immerse them in all things Japanese. The neon signs, electronic billboards, loud music, endless foot traffic (fun fact: up to 2,500 people use the crossing at every light change) are a sight to behold and if you haven’t been yet, add it to your bucketlist.



Another favourite spot of mine for people watching, shopping, and the ultimate fashion forward Japanese streetsytlers, is Harajuku. The area has long been the place to be and be seen for lovers of fashion, streetstyle bloggers, photographers, designers and shopaholics alike. Over the time spent living in Japan, my sense of style has totally evolved and has been heavily influenced by Japanese streetstyle and designers. In Tokyo, you are completely spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping for unique pieces, along with the confidence to experiment with bold new looks and styles. Fashion in Japan is serious business, yet totally uninhibited fun all at once and that’s what I think puts Tokyo among the top 10 fashion capitals in the world.

After packing up our Tokyo apartment and doing a bit of travel around Japan, I chose to spend my last full day in Tokyo city in Shibuya and Harajuku shopping, eating/drinking, and soaking up the sights and sounds of the city that became my home, and it was perfect.



I chose to wear something comfy and easy to take on and off in all the changing rooms. I knew I would be stepping in and out of them whilst visiting some of my favourite shopping spots.

I threw on a pair of high waisted cropped jeans in a faded black wash, a crop t-shirt from Forever 21 and a bomber jacket from a Korean menswear label I bought on a recent trip to Seoul. – Side note: I have a long running love affair with buying and wearing menswear, especially in Japan and Korea where the women’s clothing sizes can be sooooo teeny that they sometimes didn’t stock my size (AUS 10-12) so buying menswear was often a great little confidence booster when you get to ask for an XS or S! 🙂

Another recent good find was my pair of Old Skool all black leather high top Vans which I bought at Opening Ceremony. They go with so much stuff in my wardrobe and are perfect for the wet winter weather I’m currently experiencing in Wellington.



As I type this I can’t help but get a bit homesick and nostalgic for Tokyo and the home away from home we made for ourselves. It took a while for me to adjust and settle into life in Japan but once I did it was a city and country that captured my imagination, inspired me to dream bigger and taught me to be unapologetically myself. Tokyo will forever be the city that stole my heart. Domo arigato Nippon, until we meet again……



Sunglasses: Lāpiz Sensible x Chocomoo

Jacket: Overr

Top: Cropped tee, Forever 21

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Pants: Black Retro Rip Nora jeans, Dr Denim

Shoes: 1. Black leather Old Skools, Vans   2. All black Jordan Future, Air Jordan


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