Nails Nails Nails!

The Japanese and Koreans are like nail art/manicure Einstein level geniuses and I was completely spoilt when it came to them catering to every nail fantasy my imagination would conjure up. Alas! My Tokyo chapter came to a tearful close at the end of January this year, and I say it was tearful partially due to the fact I am going to miss the incredible beauty/fashion/foodie experiences I became accustomed to.

Fast forward to earlier this week when I was in Auckland and on the hunt for a nail place that specialised in the Korean/Japanese style of manicures. After lots of googling I finally settled on a place on Lorne St in the city called Sassi and off I went with a relatively sceptical attitude. I was so pleasantly surprised and instantly upon entering the cute shop, I felt like I could pretend I was back in Tokyo or Seoul, if it weren’t for the other kiwi customers ruining my pretend game.



An adorably sweet girl named Dori (yes, like the fish! She was given her nickname by friends back in Korea for always being forgetful) who did the best gel removal/cut/shape and polish service I have had in NZ/OZ for a long time. 

The fact that they were so easily able to create my imagined nail look without hesitation or complaint was really impressive too and I’ve since received so many compliments on this nude/blackberry dipped ombre look.



As a total nail junkie I cannot recommend the lovely ladies at Sassi enough and if you want a sure fire way to achieve my winter ombre nail look and you’re Auckland based, ask for Dori.




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  • Nyssa
    June 11, 2017 at 9:26 pm

    I was lucky enough to work on Lorne Street and Sassi was my fortnightly nail stop, so good! Sorely missed!

    • jessieguru
      June 11, 2017 at 9:28 pm

      Hey Nyssa, I would definitely be going all the time if I was living in Auckland. They are seriously such a good little spot. X

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