Lululemon Leggings

On a recent late night shopping trip to Chadstone mall in Melbourne I was on the hunt for a great pair of black ankle boots. Well, like many of my well intentioned shopping excursions, I got sidetracked and I never found the boots BUT what I did find totally made up for it. I discovered the perfect, most comfortable pair of athleisure tights/leggings/yoga pants – whatever you want to call them is beside the point, because what matters is the fact that they fit like a dream!



My favourite thing about these tights is the waistband which sits mid to high on the waist depending on your body type (on me it’s high waisted as I have a short torso) and the cut around the waist/hips and thigh area is so flattering. Style plus comfort? Tick and tick!

I’ve since informed my partner that I will be making an appearance at the local gym down the road. He thinks it’s because I’m finally ready and willing to get my butt kicked by him (he’s a pro athlete FYI and FML) but in all honesty it’s because I want a proper excuse to wear my new tights. 😉





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  • Mary
    July 18, 2017 at 5:56 am

    Love them. I’m not a traveller by nature but am going in a long haul trip. I think these might be great for this trip. I wear the lulu tights for running and took a tumble in the dark recently. The quality is so high that the skin on my legs was Protected from the pavement. Hands and face cane off badly. Will check these out !

    • jessieguru
      July 19, 2017 at 8:16 am

      Hi Mary,
      I’m so sorry to hear you took such a bad fall! You poor thing 🙁
      If your face and hands have got past the initial wound/scab phase definitely use a good nourishing face oil to help repair the damaged skin a bit faster. I am using one from Antipodes called “Divine face oil” which I bought at Commonsense Organics in Grey Lynn. Sending healing vibes your way x

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