Kyoto Acid & Indigo


I wasn’t prepared for how utterly enchanting Kyoto would be in the spring time, nor was I prepared for how bitterly cold the weather would be. Kyoto was a very (I mean VERY) last minute day trip destination pitstop, on our way back to Tokyo, after a couple of nights spent in Hiroshima/Miyajima Island, but boy was it worth it!

Needless to say, my carry-on suitcase was not exactly packed full of options for the severe temperature drop we experienced in Kyoto, especially after the dreamy warm spring days spent in Hiroshima.

Last minute travel plans happen a lot with my partner and I and we find that our willingness to be flexible and open to change has allowed us to experience some of the most unique and incredible things on our adventures. There is of course a downside to this sort of approach to travel, and one of the major downsides for me is my lack of fabulously versatile wardrobe options. Yes, the struggle is real guys… *insert hashtag first world problems* As the old saying goes “work with what you got” and that I did.



This is where my trusty old Harajuku-op-shop-acid-wash-oversized-denim-jacket met my new pair of Witchery-dark-wash-denim-high-waisted-uneven-hem-cropped-jeans for the very first time. It wasn’t an ideal first date but something born more out of necessity, coupled with the fact that all my other clothes were dirty.

With the addition of pretty much every other warm thing I could find in my little carry-on, which consisted of a thermal from Uniqlo, beanie from Opening Ceremony, leather touch sensitive gloves from Nordstrom, cashmere/wool scarf from Tomorrowland, random op-shop T-shirt I bought on a visit to Common Grounds in Seoul and some sheepskin shoe liner inserts for my trusty Yeezys. Add my new Canon camera into the mix and I was so ready to bring my snap happy tourist A-Game.



Double denim isn’t something I had ever played around with before, not because I didn’t like it but because I didn’t know how to do it. But here I was, in Kyoto, freezing cold, out of clean clothes and forced to step out of my comfort zone into unchartered fashion waters. The take home lesson I learnt from this? Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is much easier to do when it’s the only choice you’re left with and you don’t have the luxury of time to overthink it and talk yourself out of it. Would I be willing to intentionally dive-on-into a denim on denim ensemble again? You bet your sweet denim covered ass I will!







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